Inner Glow

verlengd tot 1 juli. beelden, schilderijen, film/videowerken in de tentoonstelling Inner Glow

Inner Glow till 1 juli
Henriëtte van ’t Hoog with invited guests:
Anneke Bosma, Ine Dammers, Lon Godin, Shuqing Ma, Rix Wierenga, Michael Wright, Fanfan Yang

Mysterious body. tekst Paksha van Slooten

What is it that makes this vertical-ness in abstract works -like Ian Davenport and Daniel Buren- and in this case the (cropped out of ordinary life, compressed into one alive abstract sequence) vertical video-strokes of Michael Wright and Henriëtte van ’t Hoog so appealing ?

Already upon entering we get this vertical stroked-ness in the mysterious works of Ine Dammers and later on in the streaming down black strokes of Lon Godin, leading us in the end and in the back of the gallery to the – in a sense musical- video-work of the Wright-van ’t Hoog duo…..

Then the way the show is hung !! When you turn the corner your eyes immediately get involved in a scene that reminded me of the famous Hokusai print A sudden gust of wind and of the pastiche Jeff Wall made out of it.

As if objectified spaces were floating trough the air swept by a sudden wind. Spaces? Yes spaces in fact. Yes objects also, but this contradiction has been exactly the venue of van ’t Hoog for many years now….

Once -years before- departed from serene abstracted depiction of objects, she became specialized in an intelligent research into the objectification of space by colored surfaces & their direction ; so the suggestion of space. Sometimes this turns upside down in the literal use of pure space- using e.g. the corner of a room- to suggest objectivity, that in fact does not exist.. All these smart and light hearted color and form games, all deal with a sense of perception and in a deeper way even of consciousness, what is it that makes us see spaces, and yes, do you see that !! almost in a child-like way- : it is all just: consciousness busy, working for us..!!

This also seems to be the atmosphere in the works of the guests Henriëtte has chosen around her. Be it the rather in your face enthusiasm of Shuqing Ma’s objectification of the painting as just a “thing”, or the video of the Afsluitdijk (horizontal, but again interesting in it’s vertical interruptions ..!!) of Anneke Bosma, becoming just an abstract ” experiencing”, while looking at it ; or the more conceptual and mysterious “doubles” of Rix Wierenga, or equally mysterious double layered works of Ine Dammers.

But then the disturbance……. Somewhere in the gallery-space, of which we have been made very conscious now, purely by the sometimes excruciatingly beautiful and fragile works of van ’t Hoog (such as the two almost not colored ones between the front windows or the little grey one on the grey wall) there is that “something” that seems to be the dominant work of the show, lurking out for us. Now this -Alex de Vries- is a real turn in the work of Henriëtte, never seen before (I think).

In all aspects it breaks with a set of self made rules of the artist (which makes it very intriguing and audacious). It is not simple-facetted, like 4 to eight (suggested) surfaces, resembling at any moment a (deformation of) a certain space- meant in an architectural way-. This one has a far more complex and multi-facetted form. Then the sense of Clearness of “Looking Through”-ness is completely lost. This form rather conceals something. And while all the other spaces/objects seem to float on a suggested aura of light, that is behind them, outside them, makes them float; this one is completely the opposite: the light is shining inside out, from within. Then it is monochrome,.. no other work is. And in a very tertiary dark color, while all the (changing) bright colors are within…. All is turned topsy turvy..!!So much intrigued I was by this “thing”, that started to look more and more like a “being” to me, not a thing or a “space”…, that I was looking for clues in the chosen works… What is the change here? At a certain point I must confess, that the “thing” even turned out to be a body or even a corpse lying there in a body bag. Then I saw a very strange clue in a tiny corner of the work of Ine Dammers with the vertical black little lines on a white surface. A tiny piece of blue paper, just like a little post-it paper,
saying : Room for Death. This work is a contemplation upon death! (I think) It is very beautiful and very strong in this, and still uses the cheerful image language of van ’t Hoog, but this time it is in the shape of pure light shining out. It is a soul speaking to us from within a corpse.Here the original venues of the artist about the pleasure of perception and consciousness and this new almost expressionist and romantic dimension of “contemplating about death” come together !! Consciousness shining brightly from within this body-space that we are,… The Inner Glow!! This is the real Inner Glow…!! No other work is !!Sweet sad eyes with a touch of fright stare at me from the woods (Rix Wierenga). Shiver

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